Box with undulating surfaces like a rock // How to stitch together separate meshes?

Hey everyone- I am trying to model something that evokes a natural rock/stone bench that’s cut as a box. So I had thought- put points along a box and have them move a little, and then that reforms the box, like cage edit. But cage edit is a bit tedious and I would like to create many of these boxes and have them look slightly different (randomize their undulating-ness)

I found these discussions: Grasshopper and Brazil gemstones

My progress so far: I figured out how to deconstruct a mesh and move these points around using [Pt2Num] and [Num2Pt] from the tutorials. I actually do like these shapes. But I started by debrep-ing the original box into different surfaces with mesh surface; and so I end up with separate surfaces at the end.

I hope I communicated what I’m going for. What I want is to have 1 object (mesh or not) that uses the points generated. It seems like because I split these into different surfaces, there’s overlapping points so I can’t just [surface from points] or [construct mesh] (I think)?

Any insight would be really helpful! Apologies in advance for the messy script.

(failed) make a bench that undulates a (17.3 KB)

Like this?

(failed) make a bench that undulates a (12.3 KB)


Mesh cleanup! I learn something new again. Thank you!!