UV map distortion when exporting OBJ (or converting to mesh)

i have been trying to texture a .stp that i imported to rhino.
i have created a cylindrical mapping and arranged the map to align to the texture as i wanted, but when i export an OBJ and open in another software (i.e Photoshop), my uv map is all distorted and there are triangles all over the place…
same distortion happens when converting to a mesh.
is there a way to overcome that?? it is very frustrating…

Hi Hila-D - can you post the Rhino file, or send it to tech@mcneel.com, we’ll take a look.


Hey Hila-D, Pascal
I seem to be having the same/similar problem. No point in making a new thread about this so I’ll join in?

I created a sword, unwrapped it and sorted its UV. All is good with it until it is converted into an .OBJ to export to other software. It seems to take a few points and stretch them to random places. If i unwrap it manually or automatically in some other manner, or remake/rebuild some surfaces the problem still occurs, but maybe a different surface is affected.

This makes me think there isn’t anything wrong with any of the surfaces, but rather when it’s converted to a mesh.
Here is my file before conversion, if it helps.Claymore Fin Unwrapped.3dm (669.3 KB)

Any help would be appreciated!