Using shift / alt for draging /scaling ortho

hey there,

when draging or scaling object (curves, measurements, surfaces etc.) while holding shift or control, the object move slower than the curser. if you need more time for beeing more precisely or drag the object in different directions the delay gets so intens, that i have to wait until the object catches up to the curser. doesnt matters, if it is a complex model or even a single curve and it’s not affected by to high rendersettings (also happens with single fullscreen wireframe window).
this issue appears on both my pc’s (exceeding system requirement).

Hello - are you dragging directly or using Gumball, or does it matter?


directly. but gumball causes delay as well, while holding shift or ctrl.

Hello - Seems like it could be the same as

Is Vray running?


bingo, v-ray is the troublemaker. thx. so i have to contact the chaos group tech support?

I dropped them a note as well:

thx. hopefully they’ll fix it quickly -.-