Groups or layers in material panel?

Hi! I imagine this has probably been asked before but I could not find anything. Is it possible to add anything to help keep materials organized, IE adding some to a collapsible sublayer or group etc?

Sometimes when importing several files like cars etc, you can end up with 100 randomly named textures. Which makes it hard to keep track of and assign the materials you care about, it would be nice to have all those in one collapsible item etc.


can you outline in more detail what you’d like to see with this?

I’m not sure if the UI allows it but any sort of grouping with the materials. IE if I could put these highlighted materials in a folder or collapsible group it would be helpful.

similar to how sublayers can be collapsed

the list can get difficult to use once you have too many materials imported.

Hello - The mechanism for this is adding tags to materials (and then filter by tags).



Ah, didn’t know about that one. Thanks I’ll give it a go.