Using Grashopper in a Containerized Environment

Hey there,

I am working on a project, where we often need to use a complex algorithm, which we have designed in Grashopper. The algorithm works perfectly, if it is used in the right environment. However, it needs to run in that exact same setup (e.g. Rhino 5, right plug-ins and dependencies installed).

We can share the file, but it doesn’t really work if the other person has to rebuild the complete environment. From programming I know, that there is a way to work with a ‘Containerization’, where such an environment can be shared in a team. Maybe you could also create an environment and load it into a virtual machine?

Has anyone made any experiences with that topic or can give me a tip on where to start?

Thank you!

Has anyone m

Just some thought,

the mind set I have when working on collaborative project is to avoid using third party plugin as possible as I can. For example, lunch box being one of the most common third party ones is avoided as well if the task is create a bunch of dimond grids.

But if absolutely some plugin is needed for completing certain algorithm, I guess the best way is to ship the plugin package/ user component/ cluster, etc to the next one who is going to work on it.