Packing grasshopper plugins for easy sharing of gh files. Posible?

I’m doing a gh file where I use components from several plugins, but it has to be shared with other people who doesn’t use grasshopper.
Is there an easy way to make a gh file to pack all the extra code that comes from this components making not need to install the required plugins in the other person’s grasshopper?
Like embedding the code like fonts in a pdf. Even if it makes that components not reusable or editable would be ok. Just to make it really easy to open the file an share with someone who doesn’t have all the required knowledge of rhino/grasshopper, just the basics to navigate the model and slide the sliders to operate the parametric model.

Someone correct please if I am wrong but if the plugins are using I think is yak, just opening the file in gh without having the plugins triggers the download. Or you could create an installer that places the libraries for the user like NSIS