Using generative design to create 3D textiles


I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to use a generative design process to create 3D printable textiles which follow the shape of a 3D scan or otherwise designated shape ?

The project at hand is as follows:

I have a 3D scan of a human torso. I have rebuilt a simplified version of this torso as a surface In rhino using the curve network command. I would now like to use some kind of generative design workflow to create different pattern iterations of “3d fabric” covering a specific designated area of this body scan, for example the midriff. I have attached an image below to illustrate this point only on a hand shape. What would be the best way of going about this project ?

From the research I have done it seems grasshopper and parakeet are tools for generative design. However I am open to suggestions for any other software or combination of softwares which you think would work better.

I am quite overwhelmed by this generative design technology concept but am very curious to try it. Any and all advice on how to move forward would be greatly appreciated!

Really broad question - depends on what you want to make. Sounds like you already answered your own question for venation using parakeet.

Some of my work that might apply:

^popgeo points on surface and solve for the tree of closest points

^reaction diffusion on sphere using kangaroo

^ripples on surface using even/odd culled list of lofted curves

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What you’re looking for is the space colonisation!



Thank you for your responses.

To specify a little bit:

i have a 3d scan of a body and I have decided to use generative design as a way to create a 3d textile that covers the breast area of the 3d scan, i am trying to create a kind of bra. This means I need to generate some kind of pattern that is flexible and somewhat soft as a 3d printable fabric but also follows the shape of the particular breast area that I define in the 3d scan. I also need for this pattern to be logistically functional as a material for garments, so of course i cannot have islands of any kind and in theory it needs to all be interconnected. The image of the venation above was simply to illustrate my point. I most likely would need a pattern that is a bit more tightly knit than that. below is a visual of the breast cups i would like to create using this generative design.

I would also like to note that this generative design 3d textile will have to adhere to very specific parameters. for example a certain width over the breast and a certain height over the breast. This means that I need to have a lot of control over how this pattern is generated over the breast area.

Would you recommend any other technique for this now that you know the whole project?

i’ve included a post below giving a bit more detail about the project in case this changes any of your suggestions! thank you for all your help so far!

Thank you for your suggestion! i’ve added another post showing more detail about the project. Do you think space colonization algorithm is still the best solution? Thanks!

There probably is no “best” solution, but for venation it’s a pretty solid strategy!
If you only want it in the circled area, you simply populate it with a certain number of points, designate one of them as start or root, and let the algorithm do its thing.