Generative design mask

Subject: Generative Design Mask
fiillipo mask (13.8 KB)

Hi everyone,

I’m a recent graduate with a degree in architecture and I’m very interested in generative design. I recently took a course on generative design and I was able to create a mask that is similar to the one created by Filippo Nassetti.

I’m attaching the Rhino and Grasshopper file for my mask. I’m wondering if anyone could help me to improve the volumetricity of the mask. I’m specifically looking for ways to create more complex shapes and curves.

I’m open to any suggestions or feedback. I’m eager to learn more about generative design and I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills.

Thank you for your time.

FYI, there’s an online workshop -by Filippo Nassetti himself- from like beginning of 2023, where he illustrates and replicates the exact workflows used for creating the whole masks collection (all of them, not just the one in the picture you posted)
in my opinion it’s a very good course because -despite me being studying/working this stuff for like 10+ years now- he shows ways of thinking and doing that I would have not considered if I was just on my own (that’s the reason why -sometimes- paid contents are worth the money, and I believe this one was worth every cent)

of course you can get to some very similar, unique, and maybe even better results in hundred different -and unpaid- ways
but because I had that very same interest and fascination for those very same masks, I thought it was worth mentioning it :slight_smile:

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