Using Alt + Up key in Plugin does not work

I have a WPF app that uses the shortcut keys Alt + UpArrow. (in a Command Gesture)
My app works fine standalone.
However when hosted in Rhino this key event seems to never reach my plugin.
I think it does a view rotation instead. Even if my WPF window has focus it prints Nudge 0.2, Cumulative 0.2 to the rhino command line instead.

Is there any workaround?
(Other shortcuts in my WPF app work fine in Rhino.)

Hi @Goswin,

Can you code up a cheap sample, so I don’t have to, that repeats what you are seeing?


– Dale

Hi @Dale here is a minimal plugin to document this behaviour:

the relevant code is this:

the plugin starts like this:


I implemented Key Gestures for Alt+Up , Alt+X, and Ctrl+Up.
Only the last two work.
The first one somehow gets redirected to the main Rhino window and does the Nudge instead:


Do you have any ideas why this happens?
Could it be related to how WPF tries to find matching menu items when pressing Alt (mnemonic Keys)

@curtisw, in your WPF experience, does this ring any bells?