Standard Keyboard shortcuts not working with rhino.inside WPF

Hi @dale,

I have a WPF application where I have an option to start rhino using rhino.inside. Once Rhino starts, everything works well except standard keyboard keyboard shortcuts that should activate when I press for example delete key (_Delete) or enter key (the last used command). When I press delete I only hear a standard windows 11 warning sound in my computer and nothing happens. Any suggestions?

Thanks In advance.

@kike - is this something you can help with?

Hi @kike
Any thoughts?

Hi @dale and @kike . Any progress on this topic?

Hi @mattipi,

I don’t believe anyone has had time to look into this.

My guess is that you’re is using the host application message loop to dispatch, and Rhino needs its own message loop be called in order to enable some hacks we have for keyboard shortcuts and other things like the Idle event.

There isn’t any easy answer to this. If possible, can you make a simple WPF test app that reproduces this?


– Dale