User's distribution of geometry populate points

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I have a question about generating points in shape. My aim is, to generate points in 3D box or any other brep, but not in random distribution. Is there any chance to make the generation in modifiable arrangement? I mean, for example i want to make box, which have the biggest density of points in the center and deacreasing in the outside. Thanks for your help, i hope that here will be some discusion about that :smiley:


You could use a combination of Graph Mapper to influence the distribution of random points.
Remap your X/Y/Z/a combination of those to [0,1], apply a graph transformation, map the coordinates back to the original domain.

Here an example modifying X, but not Y or Z. (10.4 KB)

Thank you very much, this is brilliant. I have one more - extra question. Next step, when i will parametrize points, i have to make Voronoi’s diagram and solid structure. Unfortynately this is not end, beacause, last thing i have to do in this ‘exercise’ is measure the density of holes and voronoi bars, but in 3 others ranges. For example i have struckture 30x30x30 with distribution 40% (10mm in X - direction) 20%(10mm in X - direction) 40% (10mm in X - direction) points. And now i have to get the density of every range e.g. bars1: 1000cm^3 bars2: 300cm^3 bars3: 1000cm^3. I am not sure if you know what i mean, if not i will try to explain it better.

Thanks. Maybe you have any idea, how can i change the thickness of the bars, that connected the points in the same way how i change points distribution?


You cannot imagine how obscure this is without any Grashsopper file, or at least a picture, sketch, or complete description of whatever thing you’re attempting to do :sweat_smile:

Help us help you !

I am apoligize, i am very beginner in grasshooper and this forum. So once again, with files.
I want to get a lot of structures different distribution of points. Then i will do voronoi diagram with centers in that points. It looks like that:

My aim is to get structures with something like 3 regions LEFT : CENTER : RIGHT, nad different density of bars there for example big:small:big, small;big;big etc. This is not a problem now, with your help, but i need to change thickness of the bars in this regions. For example thickness in left region: 0.5mm, center region: 0.4mm and right region: 0.3mm. Is there any chance to do it?
Here is my file: (11.6 KB)
But there is ‘dendro’ needed.

I don’t have Dendro, but a similar thing could be done with MultiPipe ? Though the thickness you indicate are too big to get good results.
The components on top “convert” the X coordinate to a thickness value, by serching for the domain they are in. There are other solutions of course - Graph Mapper, Expression with a math formula… (23.7 KB)

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You can provide for each Point inputted in Dendro a radius. The radius must be superior to 3*Voxel Size.
You can use graph mapper to change the radius or any other tool (equation, curve, C#, Python …)
You must divide the curve by taking into account the Voxel size. (12.8 KB)

And if you want

I added in my plugin Nautilus some points distribution in box.

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Guys, i love you. These ideas are brilliant. I am going to work now!

I saw your plugin, but i cant find .gh file. It’s not possible to use .gha in my rhino, i don’t know why :confused:

Most of the type gha and dll are blocked. Right click on file and unblock.
You must put in grasshopper component folder the gha and the dll.

what do you mean by unblock actually? Just right click on .gha file and click unblock?

do that also for the LDLIB.dll

ohh okey, i got this. Thank you master :smiley:

It is a classical problem of the installation of plugin.