Problem with GHA file

I uploaded a gha file to the site and downloaded it to try it out, but it didn’t work.
The same file on the PC works fine; I then upload it as a zip file and download it ,and it also works fine.

I upload gha file for testing

Did you unblock the gha?
This what I get looking at the properties of the gha:

If I unblock it and drop it into gh, then restart Rhino and GH, I get this:

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I totally forgot about this option.
Thanks Luis.
Is food4rhino block the gha files automatically or Windows do that after downloading?
because the original one is unblocked

The original one is unblocked for your computer, but not for anyone else’s.

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Is the zipped one also blocked for anyone else?

I don’t see the zip anymore, did you remove it?

Yes after your post (5.3 KB)

Hi -

Windows automatically blocks files downloaded from the internet.