User text/text fields (volume, data output)

Hey all,
I am very curious how to effectively work with the attribute user text / text fields? It seems like a big potential of gathering information from 3D model, but either I miss something, or there is no such a possibility for:

  1. referring to volume from textfields…?

  2. collecting informations from Attribute user text panel. Let see the example.
    i obviously have 3 obj (yellow) with plastic material, 2 obj (red) with plastic mat and 1 obj (green) with wood material. Am I able to extract data to a very simple text/table like this?

A] plastic 3x volume xxm3
B] metal 2x volume xxm3
C] wood 1x volume xxm3

Or do i need to use grasshopper for this??

Thanks in advance,

Hi Petr - for now you’ll need a script, or yes, possibly GH for this.


@petumatr … Yeah, we hope to eventually be able to support many more functions from inside of user text and text itself. There are many questions and concerns over implementation, speed and security that we are still kicking around to make this work more robustly.

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is there a way to use math in text fields? to find the weight of an object.
might look something like this.

I posted here because it’s related.

Yes, math is supported in the V7 WIP. Standard python syntax works

Great thanks.

how is it kicking? any news regarding new functions?

@encephalon we have not begun to compile the what’s new list yet for functions. However you can play with the WIP and see what’s there currently. Math functions are working as well as a few other things are currently in there and working. We’ll make a public announcement as we get closer to the finish line.

thanks for the update Trav, i was actually needing Volume today and tried the same syntax as area hoping it would do. is that more difficult to implement than area? the ready made selections seemed a bit sparse. would that also be in the wip for mac? unfortunately i have no access to the wip currently, i am running version 5 on mac as a student and version 6 as an evaluation.

Any new features we add will be in v7 windows/mac going forward. Volume is currently available in the v7 wip for both windows/mac.