Function field

A way to set a Leader, textfield or dim to property-or-function of volume?

Hi Javier - no… there are some functions, which you can access via the ‘fx’ button (which currently does not look like a button)

but Volume is not one of them. It might be possible to get there indirectly by using Usertext and making that the object volume, but it would involve some scripting to be able to update it on a change.


I’m too old for this sht

I think rhinoscript has not events & python is too complex for me at this time

:eyeglasses:I have a grasshopper “thing” for this but I do not feel comfortable.
i would like format the output .I Would prefer an internal function of the program to do this.
Is there an intention to implement in the near future?

Etiquetar volume de objetos (35.0 KB)