New Python user - GUI on a Mac?

I’m starting to get my head around Python, but trying to find a way to access som eGUI elements that could be combined together in a simply form/dialog?

I’ve installed Atom and have seen references to Tkinter as a library, but not sure how to import that into Atom for use? Radio buttons, text box, numbers…

I’ve looked at the Meier_UI_Utility also, but think it might be windows only?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Adrian,
Tkinter isn’t going to work. I would recommend using Eto for creating user interface; unfortunately I don’t think we have any good examples of how to do this yet. @curtisw, do we have python samples for some hello world type Eto UI?

Hi, Eto is going to be the future here with RhinoPython, I think, though I haven’t looked at it in a while.

Look here and try editBox for a start. I use this in combo with raw_input to get info within python. I usually use it to print Text info into my files.

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Hi @stevebaer,

There’s no examples of how to use Eto in python yet other than this mini sample I posted a while ago. I can put together some more, but I’d need some direction on what type of samples would be most useful.


Thanks Curtis, I don’t think it is too necessary at this point in time relative to the other tons of work that you have :smile: Rereading the initial post, I think getting the user starting with our existing user interface elements that are available in rhinoscriptsyntax is the proper route to take. This is what @rhinorudi was referring to.

Thanks @stevebaer

I’m hoping for a bit more than just matching the rhinoscript limited GUI.
I’m looking to put multiple objects on a single form ideally, which the tkinter one seemed to do.
I’m guessing that is what eto is intended to do? I can’t get the sample to load - there was a note that it came with Rhino Mac, I have the new version installed as of today.


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Hi @curtisw,
I couldn’t get the mini sample to work - do I need to load up eto in some special way first?
I’m the new Rhino for Mac.

[quote=“curtisw, post:4, topic:21188, full:true”] but I’d need some direction on what type of samples would be most useful.


how to make this:


not really asking how to make that…
just wondering if it’s possible now to get similar functionality with Eto or if you think it will be possible in the future?

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Yes @jeff_hammond, that is the sort of thing I’m hoping for as well.


Yes this will be possible. It is a matter of writing quality ‘how-to’ articles and samples.


Great, looking forward to it.

Awesome @stevebaer , is this something that is nearly there? Or still a fair way off?



It isn’t at the top of anyone’s list at the moment. We are currently working on new documentation for writing plug-ins on Mac, but that is really focused more toward C# development.

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I tried the sample again, and it seems iron python is having trouble importing some types from the Eto.Forms namespace. I fixed it by importing the used types directly. I’m sure these types of issues will be flushed out when this is supported, but I’ve updated the sample with a bit more functionality so you can see how to layout controls and get a value from a text box:

import clr

from Rhino.UI import *
from Eto.Forms import Form, Dialog, Label, TextBox, StackLayout, StackLayoutItem, Orientation, Button, HorizontalAlignment, MessageBox
from Eto.Drawing import *

dlg = Dialog[bool](Title = "Some Dialog", Padding = Padding(10))

label = Label(Text = "Enter a value:")

textBox = TextBox()

entry = StackLayout(Spacing = 5, Orientation = Orientation.Horizontal)

apply = Button(Text = "Apply")
def apply_click(sender, e): dlg.Close(True) # true is return value
apply.Click += apply_click

cancel = Button(Text = "Cancel")
def cancel_click(sender, e): dlg.Close(False)
cancel.Click += cancel_click

buttons = StackLayout(Spacing = 5, Orientation = Orientation.Horizontal)

content = StackLayout(Spacing = 5) # default orientation is vertical
content.Items.Add(StackLayoutItem(buttons, HorizontalAlignment.Right))

dlg.DefaultButton = apply
dlg.AbortButton = cancel
dlg.Content = content;
result = dlg.ShowModal(RhinoEtoApp.MainWindow)

if result:
	# Do something
	MessageBox.Show("You entered: " + textBox.Text)

Hope this helps!


Thanks Curtis,

I managed to get a multi textbox form working - using your example.


Yes, have that working @curtisw, it sounds like support might still be a way off, but this offers a bit of hope :smile: