User controlled rhino backup file

Sometimes, before performing a memory intensive operation, you can almost smell that Rhino might crash. Sometimes you get away with it, sometimes not.
Can we save a .3dm.bak file on command, as a precaution?

Hi Yianni- Why not just Save?


That’s what Save does. if you run it twice.
When you save a Rhino file, if there is an old BAK it is deleted, the 3DM you opened is renamed BAK, and the temporary file that is holding the session information is given a 3DM name.

Just click Save and wait for a few seconds for Windows to commit it to the disk. Saving is done as a background process by Windows so just wait. Don’t go do something else that makes Windows wait to complete the save.

I do not want to use Save because I do not want to commit to the changes I have made so far, or interfere with a previously saved file.
I do use Incremental save rigorously, during specific junction points of work, so I do not want to clutter my folders more.
Does it make any sense?

I think IncrementalSave is the right tool then.

What is it you think making a BAK file is going to solve or do differently than Save, SaveAs, or IncrementalSave?

Save commits when I don’t wish to do so,
SaveAs requires more clicks,
IncrementalSave is devoted to record specific modeling stages.
But I understand others might not feel the way I do.
I guess I can always make a macro :slight_smile:
I just saw that it can even save as 3dm.bak :slight_smile:
Thanks for all your help !