Use of Named Selections - texture unwrapping, etc

Named Selections seems to be perfect for picking up brep/mesh edges for the unwrapping textures.
Right now, laboriously picking up edges of the complicated object to unwrap it, is stressful, one false move and you lost everything.

Also, new cool mesh commands like SelEdgeLoop are much better than Unwrap in-build chain selection.
Unfortunately, these don’t work together!

I would like to pick my unwrapping lines, save it, take a breath, guess-pick some more and save that selection. After that, use them inside Unwrap command. Maybe have two selection variants to check.

Named Selections is a very cool panel and please, let me use it whenever I need.


More about Named Selections.

Right now shift+LMB can select multiple Named Selections, but ctrl+LMB do not.
Since there is no sorting on the list whatsoever (can’t change anything in the list order), selecting multiple entities is very limited.

I can easily see a scenario where I have saved selection of a bunch of curves [A], and have multiple other saved selections with other curves [B], [C] and I would like to select [A;B], [A;C], etc.
Please enhance this panel a bit to unlock its potential.

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@Czaja I am happy to hear that you are finding the Named Selections panel useful. It’s still in a very WIP stage so your feedback and suggestions are very helpful. I see what you mean about CTL+LMB. This was originally working and appears to have stopped. I have created a ticket for it RH-53643

Cool. I am really looking forward to use Named Selections inside all commands. :slight_smile: Right now it’s not working even inside Copy.

@Czaja yeah it has a ways to go yet before its finished.

Hi, time goes by, Named Selections is a great addition and now it works inside many commands, but today I noticed that it can’t be used with Blend Srf in a case where we use multiple edges as a chain. With single edges, it works fine.