LOVING named selections!

Congrats to the McNeel team and anyone else who contributed to the named selections tool. Really great job with the implementation. Something we’ve wanted for a long time is here in an easy to use interface! Control point editing just got fun again.
Wow, seriously so good. Thank you!

Will this ever make it to production build of V6 or only for V7? If only in v7 wip and v7 then I will be getting my whole team here onto the wip to utilize this incredibly useful and time saving tool.
Is there anything it won’t work on I wonder? I’ve got mesh points selected and saved!! Text box control points!! Incredible.

One thing we need is a way to use the selection set to subtract from a larger set.
Ex: I have several rings of cpoints saved. I want to select and save the balance of cpoints. Intuitively I window selected the whole cloud of points then tried ctrl-clicking the saved sets, but of course that just selects those sets.

edit: also need a way to undo deletion of sets. Rhino undo has no effect. Bummer hitting the delete button on a set and no way to get that back easily.

edit2: Just realized we can’t use named selections during commands. This would be nice, (probably on the pile already?)

edit3: wasn’t using the tool for a while but had the window open, and now see there are hundreds of rows of named sets that I didn’t create willingly. With the tool window scrolled all the way down there is no way access the top of the tool where the delete and save buttons are.

Thank you again!



@carvecream I am glad to hear you are enjoying the new Named Selections. They are a new feature for version 7 and won’t be coming to v6. The quirks you’ve mentioned are known and will be addressed around December when I circle back around to finishing them up.


I love the utility of them already. Second the requests above.

Also, named selections seem to disappear sometimes when I use them with SubD edges and vertices. Like, if I insert edges, sometimes my named selection disappears.

And it would be unbelievably cool to be able to use named selections in a pipeline to grasshopper. Point deform, for example.

@Max3 there are currently some limitations that Named Selections won’t be able to overcome in the near future. As one example, Grips changing are one of those things, and there are other objects with similar complexity. Currently Grips don’t have any sort of object id at their core. When the grip collection changes we don’t really have a way of finding an exact grip again. So if you have 10 grips and you delete grip #5 we don’t really know that 5 is gone we know that 10 is gone as the collection shrinks from 10 to 9. This is a current limitation but something we hope to make better over time. I was on the fence about whether to pull the feature from v7 until we could figure out some of these things better but most of us agreed that it was already so helpful that even with its few shortcomings it’s worth having in place. So yes, you may see certain object types not always behaving ideally in version 7 but we hope to grow it’s ability going forward. The reason your selection vanishes is because i’ve lost track all of the objects that were in the selection, they’ve changed enough that they no longer exist and get removed.

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That all makes perfect sense, including the decision to go ahead and add the feature.

Still very useful, and once we know the specifics of how it will work and when it won’t, we can still get good SubD workflow options.