Select Mesh Naked Edge - (feeling lost between commands)

Hi, Is it possible to select Mesh Naked Edge by some command and add it to Named selections? There are a bunch of commands for selecting Edges but I can’t get the desired selections.

Problem with SelNakedMeshEdgePt
is that it gives me this result which is not a Naked Edge.


Closest with that I am with Show Edges but I can’t proceed from there to the edge selection.

Show Edges

Another command I tried was Zoom Naked where I can cycle through naked mesh edges, even select them all and mark, but this tactic also falls short because geometry I receive are points not curves/edges.

Can we have an option for Naked Edges inside SelMeshEdges, DupMeshEdge, ExtractMeshEdges? (we have plenty of commands already and I’m afraid that I’m missing one hidden somewhere which will do what I actually want)


Old thread, yes, but I’m struggling with the same thing - how to select the naked edges of a mesh?
Sounds trivial, but it ain’t.
The ‘ShowEdges’ command highlights them, but cannot select them.

Hi -
In a quick test, SelMeshEdges appears to be selecting the naked edges of a mesh without extracting those. That selection set can then be saved as a named selection.
Alternatively, if creating new geometry is allowed, you could use DupBorder.

That was too quick a test…

Thanks, Wim! No, SelMeshEdges works fine, when option ‘Unwelded’ is selected in the dialog.
I had tomatoes on my eyes…

Hi Eugen -

yes, well… It selects unwelded edges, not necessarily naked ones. In my quick test, all unwelded edges happened to be naked edges.

Hi Jakub -

Feature request added to the list as RH-66383.


RH-66383 is fixed in the latest WIP