Change Named View in large number of Layouts / Detail Views

I’m lost with an attempt to change a large number of Detail Views all at once. I have a script from @willem which is useful when I’m working page after page.

I found the script by @Dale to change all Detail View modes to Wireframe but I had no luck so far with the additions I made.

What needs to be done to change the view in each detail to its matching Named View?

For now, there are equal numbers of layouts and Named Views.

import Rhino
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import scriptcontext as sc

namedviews = rs.NamedViews()

# Demonstrates how to set all detail views to wireframe display
def SampleSetDetailsToWireframe():
    # Find the wireframe display mode object
    display_mode = Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription.FindByName("Wireframe")
    if display_mode:
        # Get all of the document's page views
        page_views = sc.doc.Views.GetPageViews()
        if page_views:
            # Process each page view
            for page_view, namedview in zip(page_views, namedviews):
                print page_view
                # Get all of the page view's details
                details = page_view.GetDetailViews()
                print details
                print namedview
                if details:
                    # Process each page view detail
                    for detail in details:
                        # If the detail's display mode is not wireframe...
                        if detail.Viewport.DisplayMode.Id != display_mode.Id:
                            # ...set it to wireframe.
                            detail.Viewport.DisplayMode = display_mode
                    # Redraw the page view
# Check to see if this file is being executed as the "main" python
# script instead of being used as a module by some other python script
# This allows us to use the module which ever way we want.
if __name__ == "__main__":
    SampleSetDetailsToWireframe() (1.6 KB)