Visual numpad

Is there a way to open a visual numpad on rhino, if our keyboard is not accessible (presentation), to choose a value by clicking on it?
Could be even assiging it with a shortcut?

Thank you for your help

Hi Antoine -

No, that isn’t something that is available in Rhino.
I suppose you could use an app to display a virtual keyboard on screen.

Google (other search engines are available) mac virtual keypad.

Don’t have a Mac, but here’s the Windows built-in equivalent, with the Small option set.

There is also the Rhino calculator which has a button marked Go which transfers values to the command line. For example, you could select an object, select scale1d from the menu, set a base point and use the calculator to enter the scale value.

only useful if you want your number to end up in the command line.


Wasn’t there a toolbar that had numbers on it? I’m not in front of my computer right now.

Hello- you can make one - the trick is to use a backslash after a number in the macro to send it directly to the command line





3Dconnexion has a visual numpad.

Ah, I knew I had seen that somewhere, but I thought it actually existed… :hugs:

Thanks everyone for all these answers, 3d Connexion is not my goal, because i would like to avoid any third party hardware in my wish, but Pascal trick could be very useful inside macro.
I’ll do some test