Command line math, shortcuts

I often use command line math, but in the past I’ve actually only ever used division.

With division, you don’t need to use = and brackets. I can for instance:

And end up with a line 40mm long.

But now I want to use subtraction I have to:

Its really annoying having to use brackets, since it requires pressing shift.

Is there any way to be able to addition and subtration like we can do division?

(edit: just to clarify - with division it is so good cos I can just use the numeric keypad, which is right next to my mouse. equals and brackets requires a large hand movement and an uncomfortable wrist twist. How do C++ programmers do it all day long?)

(final edit: I realised why division works like it does - it is considered a fraction)

Yep, I agree it is annoying. We recently put a lot of effort into our command line parser for Rhino6 and this feature should be available in that release.

Edit: I just checked my personal V6 build and simple math expressions do appear to be working without the =(…) syntax

I can’t seem to replicate that here but if you send me your file I’ll give it a shot :wink:

When I program I don’t use the mouse nor the numpad. I just use 10 fingered blind typing using the normal keyboard area with the number 1234567890 on top.

Especially since coding is not just numbers :wink:

Until Rhino 6 arrives you can use a docked Calc. Pressing Go will add this to the Command line at what ever stage you have reached.

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Any chance of this parser getting ported back to V5? That would be really nice.

Not really. We are not adding new features to V5’s core at this time and this feature is going to require thorough testing which is what the V6 beta process is for.

Fro Rhino v4 and v5 look for Rhino3D Command Prompt expression at:


Thanks for the link Mike, but I can’t seem to find a version for Rhino 5.