Numeric input



I would like to ask about numeric input in Rhino, I am looking for a feature that can allow mathematical operations.

ex.: I would like to draw a line from one reference point to another one plus 20 mm. Can I do it in one step? So this would be like:

click to first point -> drag the cursor to the another point -> End of line: +20

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello- You can, use the From Osnap:and the Tab direction lock

  1. Place the first point,
  2. With the appropriate osnap, snap to the second point but do not click the mouse- when you see the Osnap, just hit the Tab key (tap, don’t hold) This invokes the tab direction lock to that second point.
  3. Type the special Osnap ‘From’ and .
  4. Snap to the second point and click.
    5… Type 20 and Your cursor should be on the ‘far’ side of the second point to make the line 20 units longer; on the ‘near’ side to make it 20 units shorter.