Use kangaroo_ triRemesh in C# Visual studio

Dear all,
I wonder if anyone knows how to use Daniel Picker’s Powerful triRemesh inside Visual Studio.


I have added the reference inside but it seems I can’t directly call the method as we do it in Rhino Grasshopper. I know the algorithm is currently packaged inside the GH solve instance.


Appreciate it if anyone could help.

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@DanielPiker - Can you help with this?

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hi there, I will try my luck here.

I am trying to access TriRemesh from the C# component in Grasshopper without success yet. Is there any way to do this @DanielPiker ?

For context: I want to run the meshing in Parallel to speed it up as I have a bunch of Breps to mesh at the same time. So far this approach worked very well with QuadRemesh and the default mesher, but both have their own issue for my use case. (running Kangaroo solver afterwards on the mesh).

Happy about any hints.


Hi. Eventually, my solution for this is to wrap the remesh functions in CGAL (C++) in c# to use

Alternatively, you might take a look at this

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Thank you. I’ll take a look at both.

for wrapping c++ to c# i will recommend you this tutorial