Use existing parcel in land design

I am new with land design I just bought a parcel of land and I am wondering how I would use gis or google maps data to bring my parcels dimensions into land design. Or how should I set my working area to the dimensions of the PARCEL.

Hi @dtolo, you can use the laEarthScan command to import a textured mesh, or a terrain with the elevation data. But you won’t get very accurate results though. You can see how it works here:
If you have better elevation data or GIS data from your parcel, you can run the laImportGisData command.

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If you were going to map out a parcel (to make sure you had the right dimension) how would you do it? I have to submit it to the county to get the road and parcel division approved.

I wanted to build on it long term so I was thinking If I started with the basic drawing I could add to it later.