"_laGoogleEarthScan" Unknown command error

Hi, I need to import the terrain of a selected area just like in Rhino5+Lands. Right now together with Rhino 6 and last update of Lands won’t work, doesn’t recognize “_laGoogleEarthScan”, unknown command error. Any suggestion on how to fix this, please?

Hi Antonia,
The command to scan and import terrains from Google Earth has changed in the last Lands version. Now the command is called laEarthScan and imports terrains from a different data source. You may have still the old toolbar.
Check out in Toolbar layout if you have a new toolbar of Lands Design.


Thanks, it worked after I uninstalled all the old versions of everything . That’s even better , no need to keep installed Google earth Pro.

Hi Francesc Salla…again problem with Lands Design…I have just updated it this morning, and it won’t import any terrain at all…laEarthScan appears as “unknown command” in the command bar,though plants and any other stuff would work without any problem.I have noticed that now I can purchase a paid version of Lands Design.Does it have anything to do with this?Am basically trying to model a terrain from Sicily, and have no other idea where I could take an OS contour map for Sicilia. Thank you in advance for your answer.

Hi Antonia,
Are the other commands working properly (like “_laPlant” )?
I suspect you are running an expired version of Lands Design. Can you run the _laAbout command and see what version are you running?

Try to download and install the current version from the web: https://www.landsdesign.com/download/

After that, please let me know if the problem persist.

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I can run any other command, just _laEarthscan is unknown command. I have updated it yesterday morning.

Just re-installed it again twice and it worked in the end :smiley:

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