Use curves and Sub-Ds together ... to make this ugly mug

Hey, I’m open for feedback / YouTube subscriptions / likes. This video will be used as a template for future courses, coming this summer.

One big change from the last video: you only see me at the beginning and end. The distracting ‘floating Dave head in a bubble’ is gone during the demo. I’ve also written every command on the screen, right next to the button or menu item.

SPECIAL THANKS to Brian James and Kyle Houchens for all of their advice and videos.


Great work Dave! thanks for sharing and for your tireless contributions to the Rhino community!

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Thanks, Kyle.

This mug was inspired by your blockbuster video ‘Gumball JuJitsu’ (or was it Gumball KungFu?) and Brian’s very early mug demo with handle bridge trick.

The idea came from a student. If you ever want to get good at Rhino, try to teach it!

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