Usa a custom view with 2D behavior

Hi there,
I was working on an architectural project, and I was taking vertical cuts with the clipping plane and “Make2D” command. The building is not aligned to the XY axis in rhino, so to make the drawings I set a custom camera position and target to be aligned with the building.

So far so good, my question is, is there a way to make this “new view” behave like the “Top”, “Front” or “Rigth” views, where I can pan without holding “Shift”?

I know I can save views or undo them, which I forcefully then do, but just as a curiosity it would be more time saving if I could just pan and not worry about losing the view.

Anyone could help?

Hello - if you set this view to be a parallel projection and set, in Options > View the appropriate setting for panning parallel views, it should work.


Hi Pascal,
Thanks for your feedback, I didn’t know about that option in rhino, but it doesn’t really solve what I wanted.

I normally work in parallel projection to help me see the vertical direction as vertical on the screen, as well as keeping track of the size of everything. And, as I work in 3D, setting this option doesn’t let me orbit.

Sometimes, don’t really know why it happens, when I’m orbiting in a 3D view, I land in a position which projection might be the same as a 2D view, say “Top” or “Front” (because I work in parallel), again not sure, but the view automatically “locks” to it, so when I try to orbit again what I do intead is pan. I then Ctrl+Shift+RMB to orbit again and it works fine again, but my question is:

Is there a way to purposfully do this, and set this “2D behavior” to whatever view you are at the moment of doing the command?