!Urgent! Setting up Vray for rhino 5

Hi everyone,

I am completely new on Vray, and after trying it and watching tuto for few days i think it miss some fonctions.
maybe have i to setting up Vray before using it, and that’s why i need your help.

some remarks:

  • The denoiser function doesn’t exist on my interface… (can’t find it in the parameters)
    and in the dropdown menu for colors i have only RGB color and Alpha and nothing else (looks in the following pic what I should normally have) :
    Capture d’écran 2020-09-14 à 15.19.01

  • the render is very very noisy, almost no realistic at all.
    my computer is not the best one for rendering, it is sure. but the render i can have with looks really unpro. guys on tuto have pretty realistic render in 20 minutes and all the material looks good and realistic. maybe I’m a little out of practice but i followed to the letter what had to be done.

  • when i zoom in the scene texture are becoming blury and unrealistic

if someone experienced the same situation maybe he has some tips for me… please don’t hesitate !


I don’t use Vray much but there are a bunch of users here that may be able to help if you post a 3dm file including the version info of both your Rhino and Vray plugin. It looks to me like you may have an older version of Vray than what was used in the tutorials you watched. The texture resolution issue could be the size of the textures you are using.

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The denoiser is not enabled by default. If you want it - you must turn it on yourself.

Also you have 2 kind of denoising algorithms to choose from
Once enabled it will set itself up with some useful defaults. If you want finer control - the pane on the right offers some options

If you use an older version you need to know that the default options wasn’t optimal and this caused longer render times and noise.

Do you use GPU? If yes, look at the GPU texture option and set it to on-demand mipmapping.

thanks you all for answering!

  • you will find two 3dm files with a rendering test:
    i cuisine.3dm (9.6 MB) cuisine pour keyshot.3dm (2.2 MB)

  • I have Vray 3.40.02 for rhino 5 and apparently the denoiser is available only on the 3.6 version. can you confirm ?

  • take a look to the Vray asset editor of my version :

  • Somebody could tell me where can i find the material editor please ? i cannot find the material editor for displacement x y and the size of the pattern. is that on a rhino window (like on Sketch up) ? or in the Vray pluggin ?

Sorry, I don’t used 3.x and can’t help.

There is no denoiser in 3.40. That version is very old.

3.40 was the last cracked version I used before running out of patience and buying the thing. You should definitely consider upgrading too, at least download 3.60 for now from the website.

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