V-Ray 5 Beta for Rhino

Chaosgroup has released the beta for V-Ray 5 for Rhino:

Haven’t tried V-Ray in a long time and now I’m considering it again. Currently I don’t need to render but soon I will again. Until then I’d like to avoide unneeded plugins loading at rhino start. Hope to get some feedback about the beta from those who try it.

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any news of VfR 5?

@hitenter Since you don’t used V-Ray since a long time I ask me why you are so much interested to use V-Ray 5? I use V-Ray for Rhino 4 daily and I’m glad about how stable it works. I think, if you need to render soon, than VfR4 would be a good choice. A new version need some time to be fully stable and a young release is a risk always. So, if you don’t need a feature of v5 I would recommend you to use v4. So far I know you get the license for v5 if you buy v4 now, so you can free choose.

Why am I interested? Why should I not be? It’s a widely adopted, high end render engine. That’s why I’m interested. Simple isn’t it?
OK, one thing in particular: I’m very frustrated about materials in rhino cycles. Afaik, vray has a very good material library.

I don’t like to use the old stuff. Of course it has to be somewhat stable. Would like to know if the new version supports the more modern component based approach of creating materials, like cycles in blender (or cycles + grasshopper). I know 4 does not.

I thought, VfR 4 is a good tool to use for projects and I ask me why you want to start with a young VfR5 (beta).

Sorry, I don’t know something about the material creation per Rhino material UI, since I direct use the VfR materials only. Maybe other user knows more.

LightMix and the new Interactive render is a game changer! LightGen seems interesting but won’t count on it.
Very happy with this release.

I didn’t tried LightMix yet and I will do it soon. What is changed at the interactive render in comparison to VfR4?

Hello did they implement UVW randomization?

Yes, it is implemented. I tried it and I’m not sure how to use it. If I select “by node handle/name” than I get a randomized texture. Other modes doesn’t show an effect.

Nice. I didnt expect them to include it because rhino natively has a problem with texture randomization especially for blocks. I wonder if they work on blocks though.

Quick check - works for blocks too. :slight_smile: