V-Ray for Rhino Questions

I need help with Rhino V-Ray. I hope I’m allowed to ask V-Ray questions here. This forum is much faster at responding.

  1. How can I randomize a texture in vray?

  2. How can I access Chaos Cosmos? I just subscribed to the software and can’t find the link.

Hi. I don’t know about Cosmos, but randomization is simple.

UPD: I usually turn on “render ID” and adjust the settings. Most often it is rotation.

Thank you for such a comprehensive reply. For some reason, I don’t have the same options as you. When I get to the second slide, under Texture Placement: Type, I don’t have “Mapping Source” as an option. The only options I get are “2D (UV Channel)” and “Environment.”

I tried to create a UVW Placement texture from the Create Asset button, but I don’t have that option either. I get a UVW option, but I don’t think that’s the same thing.

I just signed up for the subscription 2 days ago, and I’m using Rhino 5.

[quote]Rhino 5[/quote] ?
V-Ray does not support Rhino 5 for at least 3 years.
Did you mean V-Ray 5 instead ?
All the new stuff is for Rhino 6, 7 or the 8 WIP

I just checked. I have Rhino 5 and “V-ray 6 for Rhino.” Is that why everything is so different? Almost every example I find online has different options.

That is a bit confusing. V-Ray 6 for Rhino is still in beta, and there is no way you can install that on Rhino 5.
It would be best if you can screenshot the About window, where the full version is shown

My guess is that you have V-Ray Next update 2.2 for Rhino 5 (or even earlier), which is 2+ years old. V-Ray 4.20.03 was the last release that supported Rhino 5. This explains why the UI differs so much.

And the about window from the V-Ray menu ?
You shall delete the second screenshot. There is personally identifiable info there

It is almost certain now, that you have downloaded the latest V-Ray that supports Rhino 5, which is a very old version. You shall upgrade to Rhino 7 (Rhino 6 is almost out of support as well), and use latest V-Ray 5. V-Ray 6 is almost out of the door

Thank you. I just want to clarify: If I update my Rhino to version 7, would I be able to utilize VRay with the same user interface I find in online tutorials and examples? Do I get fewer options because my version is outdated?

I guess so. It’s hard to say without using VRay 6, but I don’t think the menus can be “poorer” than in VRay 5. It’s worth updating.

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Yes and yes

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Andrew and Nikolay,

Thank you so much for your help.

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