Urgent. Project for Hire: Converting 3DS modelling to Nurbs

I have a combat sports belt file in studio max 3DS and wanted to export it as a STEP or IGES (nurbs - solid) but couldn’t export as such.

Looking to find Rhino expert someone who can salvage or recreate file in Rhino so can be saved as a true solids file format.

If you post your file someone might be able to help. What file formats do you have? Exporting from 3D Studio Max directly to Step wasn’t working?

Hi Japhy native file format is 3DS. Seems can’t export as IGES or STEP. So need someone who can bring the file into Rhino (can export as OBJ or FBX as presuming Rhino can’t work with 3DS).

Can you post screenshots

Here’s a screenshot

What kind of CNC machine is this going to? The center doesn’t look like something that would be milled.

not all cnc but just need to convert all elements to nurbs

Some details like the sculpting can’t converted to nurbs,
Why you need nurbs for cnc?

Some CAM software will only accept NURBS

Yeah needs nurbs / solid (STEP or IGES). Can anyone here model this in Rhino either with this file or reference 2D vector? I see jewelry makers design in Rhino so presume modelling complexity would be a problem?

The sculpted detail is not easy to created with Rhino,
The mesh is better for details.

Yeah…someone could maybe do the SubD conversion trick on the worst of it, depending on the mesh. The rest of it is trivial.

This one need sculpting, with subd or quadremesh the finer details will be lost


Ok. If anyone is interested to help please let me know and then we can discuss details, cost, etc.

Just following Is there anyone here who can take this on

I can assist you. Message me and we can work out the details.