Problems with OBJ textures

Hello dear all,

it might be a stupid question, but I googled everything and still can’t figure out how to solve the problem. I have imported an .obj file into Rhino, and it shows the textures in the “Render” mode, and it also renders it. But the V-Ray render doesn’t. Now, I wanted to make the material in Vray, etc, but I can’t even find the texture jpeg or .tiff etc in the file (if it even exists) to export. It also shows that “There are no materials in the file”, which is why I can’t even export materials to Vray. How could I possibly solve the issue?

I attach screenshots. Thank you all!

Rhino should have generated a material for the .obj. If there is none, then the Rendered viewport is showing the mesh vertex colors. To see mesh vertex colors in V-Ray you must create a new V-Ray generic material and set a UVW texture to the diffuse slot. Then apply the material to the object of interest

Thank you for the answer! I did just that, but the model in Vray is still grey scale (I attach the picture). What could be wrong?

What version of V-Ray this is ?
The UI looks ancient

It is V-Ray 3.6… As far as I went, these are my current settings, but the model renders still black and white…

You have selected map channel 1. Are you sure that is the correct channel?
You shall start with 0 for sure, and go thru all possible indices.

I checked the code for the vertex color channel in V-Ray 3.6 was the map_channels.size() + 1, while in 4.x+ it is 0. You shall probably go with 2 in your case.

Thank you a lot! After trying it back and forth it works in the end!

For future reference, in similar cases the command vrayMtlFromRhino usually solves the problem.

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