Import .step assembly unable render the material of single level

He at all,

I’m try rhino 6 on windows, wit a little assembly .step format.
I assign 12 level, every one with 2/8 components, and every level a specific materials.

The render prewiew show my only predefined colour (white) and no one of material coluer that I can see on my view during the render setting operations.

I not use mesh or texture, and not use different faces colour. Do not use blocks, only material and colour setting on every level on solid comp origin by .step assembly.

Any suggest?


Hi Mike - I’m not sure I understand - you open a Step file and is the result a block or just polysurfaces? Can you post or send the file to If it is large, please zip and upload to to my (Pascal) attention.


ok. now I’m out of office … just in few hours.


I upload the file to you … I see that the import command assign the block to the object on my assembly … there are the way to cancel all block but save the solid object to a Level?