How to install rhino without cd

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I have CD,s of Rhino V4, and an educational upgrade of V5 on CD for Windows. My problem is that I just bought an iMac that does not have a CD drive, and I want to install Rhino on my Boot Camp partition that has Win 7 pro. I do not have another machine in my house that has windows running. My question is can I download rhino 4 and install it, and then download the educational upgrade and install it on my win 7 partition, and where can I find those on the rhino website?
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Hi Frank.

I think this is the page you are looking for:


Another approach would be (assuming your Windows machine with the CD drive and the new iMac are, or can be, on the same LAN) to share the CD drive on the Windows machine and connect to it with the iMac. That’s what I did with my MacBookPro with Mountain Lion and my Windows 7 machine and it worked like a charm.

You don’t need to install V4 if you don’t want to.


When you install V5 using an upgrade key code, it will ask your for your V4 key code as a qualifier.
You can download full installers for V5.
Did you notice the slip of paper in the V5 DVD case that says, “No DVD drive?”

Got it installed. Thanks to you all!


I am having a similar issue and can’t seem to solve it. My company has 2 Rhino licenses and we just hired a part time employee who does not live in the vicinity (i.e. we cannot download Rhino to his computer using the cd). We would like to allow him to use Rhino through the zoo, but he needs to install it first. When I follow the website you list (, and choose the option to install Rhino 5, it takes me to the page where you can install the trial version, which, if I’m understanding correctly, our new employee would not be able to use long term because you’re saying putting in the serial number will not change it to a full use version.

If I missed something here please let me know. Thank you!


You’re a little confused.
We haven’t used product DVDs for several years now.
Everything is electronic distribution.
(Side note: Mark you DVDs with a Sharpie to Not use them, instead to download a current installer from the Rhino Download page.)

The “Eval” is the full software.
When it is installed without a license key it runs for 90-days then loses the ability to export and save.
At anytime before or after expiration, the eval can be converted to a full license using a license key or by joining it to your Zoo.

Since he is off-site, he will need to attach to your network using a VPN connection through the Internet, then choose the option to use a Zoo and enter the servers FQD Name or IP.

Ha ha, i think “a little confused” is a great way to identify me. Thank you so much, this explanation helps a lot. I’m trying to take over admin for a designer who can’t bothered with these issues.