Upgrade plugin from v5 to v6


Just upgraded my plugin so it now runs smoothly in rhino 6. New reference to rhino 6 rhinocommon etc.
But every time I start rhino 6 it says that I still have rhino 5 plugins and names my plugin.

What do I need to change so Rhino 6 will recognize my plugin as rhino 6?

Where are you seeing this?

– Dale

So when I start Rhino 6 this message pops-up.


So this means I still have Rhino 5 plugins installed.
When I press check now it shows a page with my plugin

While I have compiled the plugin with the Rhino 6 rhinocommon.
Do I need to change any other setting to let Rhino know it is for Rhino 6?

@jordy1989 have you used the same plug-in ID for Rhino 5 and 6? If not, please do - that’s the only way Rhino can see that they’re the same.


Sorry for the very late reply, but I have changed my GUID, but still not gone.

Any ideas?

Also removed all plugins I had. And also from registry

Still a message

Hi @jordy1989

Rhino is doing the following:

  1. Looking through
    to build up a list of plug-ins that are in use in Rhino 5
  1. Looking through
    to see what plug-ins are installed for Rhino 6

Any plug-ins found in step (1) that are not in (2) and are not auto-filtered by us (because we know of plug-ins of our own that we should ignore) are shown in that web page.

I hope that helps you understand where that list is coming from.