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I had to take a small break from learning Rhino and Visual ARQ. Upon returning I hit a similar snag to before, but this time trying to get hidden lines to work. I can almost achieve what I’m after, but things would go so much more smoothly if we had some of the options in the section view styles working.

My main snag is the fact that the Linetype option in section view styles is basically a ‘dummy’ option, it doesn’t affect anything (as far as I can tell).


This is similar to other options within the section and plan view styles. Although I am able to get the look I’m after:


The issue with this is that I’ve had to manipulate my 3d geometry’s section attribute properties (with some unintended side effects):


This also means that I have to ‘update’ my section view styles in a certain order (but I believe the live updates of the geometry itself, that is if I move the section or edit the cut geometry, function perfectly). So I found that by changing the section attribute properties linetype to show up as “hidden”, creating my section view, then changing it back might be the winning solution for myself.

The above workflow isn’t a huge inconvenience but might be seen as a tad convoluted for the less “hardcore” or mainstream user (yes I know I’m not a ‘hardcore’ user yet but I’m working towards that). Also having options that appear to be available but do nothing, and aren’t well documented as doing such, would deter potential users; not everyone will come on this forum to as these questions.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining in this post as the section tools in VARQ are actually quite amazing. I have to have another test run to see if my above workflow is actually working as I described it, but as-is I already prefer VARQ’s section tools to Revit’s (yes Revit is easier and “quicker” but Revit falls apart when the geometry gets more complex). I suppose it’s also much easier from a developer’s standpoint to have the dialog boxes already built, opposed to pulling options out temporarily.

So anyways… I guess I’m just curious as to a potential timeline for these features to be added. I had asked this in a previous post (more related to hatching in plan views - similar but slightly different challenge) and I think the Asuni rep said a few months? Once all the options within the section view style properties (and plan styles for that matter) actually work it will send the overall utility of these features through the roof!

Hello @keithscadservices,

Thank you for your report, we will look into this. I see this was reported a few months ago as you say, so it is in our list ready to be fixed, although I cannot tell a date for the moment as there might be important issues to fix before this one. We really appreciate your interest in VisualARQ, your feedback is really important for us, as we will continue the development in one way or another depending on your requests. I will add this request to the corresponding issue, so that it will go up in the list. I hope it can be fixed soon, we will keep you updated about it.

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We have released VisualARQ 2.12, which adds the option to override attributes by plan and section view styles in a more consistent way. Now, Section view styles and plan view styles have a new tab called “View overrides” from which you can define which attributes override those of the geometry displayed in plan/section views. Check this out here:

And the news of this new release: VisualARQ 2.12 available - VisualARQ

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This is awesome! I’ll actually have time to try it out over the holidays :+1:

This will place a very high ceiling on what one is able to achieve with the section tools. They are already quite versatile.

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@fsalla alla qX2eALphdOZPIfaASbTDPz.png)
When I double click on section I can’ edit the style and I don’t have the possibility to do it
it only can be edited when clicking section view styles

@user992, In order to edit the style, run the vaStyleProperties command and select the section view, or as a shortcut, double-click on the section view while you press Ctrl, Alt, or Shift key.

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