Update Layout Page Number

I often have to sort and rename layout names.

As an example I created 4 pages, dragged Page 4 after Page 1 and renamed the pages

Unfortunately CTRL + TAB doesn’t use my sorted layout order. It goes from Page 1 to Page 3

The problem with the order continues when importing the layouts into another file.

This can be confusing and I wish the layout pages were displayed in the right order.

I want to update the Page Numbers. Searching this forum I found the following topic but I can’t find a command in Rhino 7, nor in the manual and I don’t know how to use RhinoPageView.PageNumber?

Sorting Layouts - Rhino Developer - McNeel Forum

layout_page_name_page_number_problem.3dm (160.8 KB)

PS: Ok so the PageNumber updates itself in the Layout textfield. CTRL + TAB order however is still off.

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Agree, the functionality should match what we are used to tabbed browsing.

Hi Martin - This bit is on the bug tracker - RH-68218 Layouts: Ordering change is not respected

Saving and reopening the file seems to sort out the ordering; I realize that is not a real solution.


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