How to change the order of layout pages

I’d like to know how I can change the order of pages, so that when I use ctrl(+shift)+tab it follows the order of the pages from the tabs and not the order of when the pages were created. Because when adding new pages things go ok, but when moving / inserting pages, it still keeps the order of creation time when browsing through the pages with ctrl(+shift)+tab

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Hi Gijs,
I too struggled with this in V6. There is a new Layout panel in V7 which might help organizing layout pages.


yes I see that, works much better and now ctrl+tab works as expected. Thanks

edit: actually no it doesn’t work all that well… If I want to select a certain page, I need to double click on a page name. After that in order to make ctrl+tab work I first have to click on the layout tab.

Also I noticed (working with wacom pen) that it is very easy to unintentionally move pages

  1. Right-click on the Layout tab
  2. Choose Move or Copy
  3. Put it where you want


@John_Brock looks like you only read the title of my post: I know how to reorder tabs, but it doesn’t order the pages for ctrl+tab in the same way.

In v7 wip, when reordering pages, ctrl+tab follows the order of the pages. In V6 it follows follows the order of creation time. In other words, if I have 3 pages a,b,c , and move page c in between a and b, the tabs are in order a,c,b, but ctrl+tab will still follow a,b,c

Sorry, that’s the extent of what I know about it.

Gijs - you seem to be saying that it works differently in Rhino 7… That’s not what I’m seeing here.

Ah, you’re right. Thing is, I opened up the file I was working on, and by opening it in v7 it seemed to have recorded the new order. But indeed after shuffling the pages, it behaves exactly the same as v6

Saving and re-open the file seems to fix the problem with changed layout order - in v7 at least.

Thank you so much! It’s helped me with this question!!

@wim this is still an issue in v7: only after closing and reopening, the reordered tabs are ‘set’ and I can switch between them in correct order using CTRL + TAB. Would be nice if this works right after reordering pages. Thanks

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