Update dialog

I’m starting to find the dialog that’s asking me if I want to install the latest update a bit irritating, as the answer is usually “No I have 10 other Rhino sessions open of course not,” and as I eventually close those 10 sessions I see it ten times. Could it just be dropped for the on-launch notice? Or could I set it to update silently? Something, with the huge number of updates it’s getting annoying.

I hear you - I figured I have to deal with it because, testing etc I get multiple updates every day. My thought, when this irritates me a little, is that it would be nice if the checker knew not to pester until the last instance is closed.


Probably the easiest solution (for the programmer) would be to mark the time when the dialog is shown and not show it again until the next day.

That would be alright.

hm -not sure - if you have your 10 instances open, and you get one message when closing the first, wouldn’t you still want message after you close the last one? If you forget, you won’t be reminded again till tomorrow and the whole thing could repeat itself.

Anyway, I made a more generic YT and the programmers can sort out the details.
RH-57839 Less persistent update reminder


RH-59700 is fixed in the latest WIP