Update 2.4 / Viewport appearances

As found in the latest patch:

  • The Tri-Planar texture viewport appearance is improved
  • The viewport appearance of ray-traced textures like V-Ray Dirt is improved

For the first one, it’s a great improvement and it works perfectly.

For the dirt, when adding it to a diffuse map nothing really change. Does it mean we should be able to preview it without render?


Currently it is not possible to preview the dirt texture in the viewport, since it is a raytraced texture, as opposed to the triplanar, which is procedural. Raytraced textures, are not really textures in the common sense (bitmap image used to fill triangular faces), but some value assigned to any given point in the 3D world, based on various factors. Also called a scalar field. There is no single deterministic image that can be used as a diffuse layer to a Rhino material

Displaying this sort of textures means rendering the image itself.

Ok, does it mean I misinterpreted the sentence “The viewport appearance of ray-traced textures like V-Ray Dirt is improved”?
What does it mean then?

Thanks already for the reply

it is improved in a sense that the preview is not absolutely wrong. In the previous version we used to sample raytraced textures, but without the exact geometry the result was something like this:

that is for TexEdges, and that is an absolutely random pattern, that changes to something other like that every time you modify the texture. Now the raytraced textures are simply not sampled at all.

Well, that’s an improvement then.
Thanks for clarifying!