Unwrap extruded text object

To get an even metal gloss on all sides of this object I have to unwrap it.
But I can not manage to do this.
I would like to know how I can best solve this.

Hello- I’m not sure what you mean here - the material and environment should control the look of the object in rendering - is that what we’re talking about here, rendering?


Yes, I have to render it. The material is gossy, for example gold.
But if I render the object now, only the outline of the latters is reflected.
Not on the front and back.
therefore I have to unwrap the object.
But how do I do that with this object.


Hello - can you please post the file? this does not make sense to me…


You don’t have to unwrap to do this. It should work with a cylindrical texture mapping. Check the image I attached. If it doesn’t work, explode the object and try again. Untitled

Thanks for the answer, but it don’t make any difference.