Split mesh along edge loop

Hi All
Not much of a mesh modeller, but currently doing a lot of mesh editing.
Now that we can select mesh edge loops by double clicking in the WIP, is there also a way to split a mesh along said edge? Eg. a cylinder cut in two along a horizontal edge loop. For now I select a face loop, delete it and then move the edge(s) back together - quite cumbersome for such a simple operation.
TIA, Jakob

@Jussi_Aaltonen do you already have something like this? If not maybe easy to make?

@Normand I don’t know if there is anything doing that directly. But UnweldEdge + Explode + some extra work should get you there.
@nathanletwory Yes, it would be fairly easy to make that.

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Thanks @Jussi_Aaltonen! Unweldedge + explode is great (and easily scriptable).
Cheers, Jakob :grinning:

Is there a way to do that in GH? Dealing with a very large mesh and many edge loops.
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@xy236 Let me know if Riccardo’s script does not work for you.