Unwanted library folders causing plugin loading conflicts

Hi, I am running into a problem where grasshopper is trying to load plugin files from a network folder that contains duplicates of files that are in my libraries folder. I am not sure how it found that folder of plugins, but it has been causing loading conflicts and I can’t seem to find a way to remove it from my list of valid library folders.

Any ideas on how to remove it from the list? Image below for reference.

Do you have a symlink to the X drive/path under any of the registered wanted paths?

// Rolf

Not that I know of, but that certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t one. How would I know if that is happening, or what would be crating the link?

If that folder contains Rhino plugins, it will automatically also load GH plugins from there. You’ll have to either remove the conflicting GH plugins from the network folder (I realise you may not have privileges) or your local folder(s).

Ideally plugins are kept only in a single place.

There are Rhino plugins in that folder. That is the problem. I can separate the rhino plugins from the grasshopper plugins. Thanks!