RH 6 Grasshopper plug-in loading conflicts

As more and more developers are updating their GH plug-ins to work with Rh6, I am getting more and more dialogs like this one on GH load in the WIP:

It’s great that there’s a “6” folder for 6-only stuff - but if I need my plug-in to work in 5 as well, I am constantly confronted with this. My humble suggestion is to ignore any filename in the normal libraries folder IF a matching filename is present in 6, giving 6 versions priority - but open to any other solution to this problem. A “remember my choice” option here might also do the trick. Thoughts @DavidRutten et al?

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Yeah the 6-takes-precedence approach makes sense.

Why not load Rh6 plugins from a separate directory, say Libraries6, as to not conflict with the Libraries (5) plugins?

// Rolf

That is what happens - see the screenshot. Spot the 6

anyone finding this thread - there is now a proper solution for this: Deployment Issue: Maintaining Rhino 5 + 6 GHAs concurrently

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