Conflicting third-party libraries

Hi everyone,

I´d like to start a discussion around the problem with conflicting libraries when people have multiple Grasshopper plugins installed that use the same third-party libraries (in our case it´s mostly related to SQLite packages and the infamous libiomp5md.dll).

We have often the problem that another plugin has loaded those packages i.e. in a minor version before, which will stop our plugin to work when we try to load that particular .dll in a different version. This is an issue both on individual PCs and on our Rhino Compute Server.

I´d assume that´s something you guys came across as well? Maybe there is a discussion around those issues already?

Are there any best practices to avoid those problems? Is this addressed in Rhino 8?


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Came across this problem with Intel mkl libraries. So far there is no solution. DLL’s share the same memory space of main app and only one can be loaded. So only one of the plugins can be used if connected to same DLL but different version. The first loaded is the working one.