GH assembly folders question

Hi All!

I have a simple question about GH libraries default folders:

On my PC I have installed both Rhino 5 and 6; all the GH assemblies of plugins for my version 5 are on the default path, in the “libraries” folder. When I got my upgrade, I installed Rhino 6 and a subfolder called “6” has been created in the “libraries” one.

All the plugins that I had in my GH Rhino 5 are automatically loaded in my GH Rhino 6.

Is there a way to separate the two libraries folders and let Rhino 6 GH load only the assemblies I put in his dedicated folder? ( while keeping unchanged the stuff of the version 5)

Many thanks!

You can run GrasshopperIgnorePlugin in rhino, then select all of the assemblies that you don’t want grasshopper to load.

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Thanks Mahdiyar,

I’ll try that!
Hope that it’s a thing to set at once.