Unwanted levels generated in Revit when bringing in floors from Rhino

I followed the tutorial for bringing in Rhino geometry into Revit as native Revit elements, however i could not use Elefront plug-in for Rhino 7 so I am having trouble figuring out what to input for ‘name’ in a levels component. I am trying to bring in the floor slabs I have modelled in Rhino, but in Revit, each slab is now creating a new level name. Essentially I would like to have each slab to be constrained to the levels already set up in Revit.
Please advise!

Why couldn’t you use Elefront in Rhino 7?

You should be able to get a input a matching list of yourexisting Levels to correspond with the floors.

Please attach relevant info. Screen shot of your definitions, ideally rhino and or internalized gh files. Revit Version etc.

Hi Rickson, when I downloaded Elefront and clicked open with rhino 7, it says file not supported. I also tried to install based on the readme file but cannot seem to get it to install.
Also here is the definition I used without using Elefront, it works fine by bringing in the floors to the correct height but now in Revit I have unwanted levels that are overlapped with existing levels since they are


I agree that using Elefront of Human allows the Name Attribute to be pulled off the curves themselves. I do this is the video here: Rhino to Native Revit Elements

Also, the names can be auto-generated for any number of curves, this way:

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this will check to see if the level exist, make the level if need be, then makes your floors.

Create Levels without duplicates.gh (20.0 KB)

all standard components. If you want to install elefront unblock the plugin and place in the gh special folders - components, then close and restart rhino - gh


Thank you so much!