Unwanted layer when opening V7 files in V8

Every time I open V7 file in V8, new layer ByParent appears? Where does it come from?

Can you share a file that has this behavior?

I have received a few files out-of-band, and am continuing the discussion here.

Curious. I’m using the latest service release of Rhino7 (Service Release 36) and then I also see this ByParent layer in each of your files. What service release version of Rhino 7 are you using where this layer does not show?

Mine is the very latest but I have been observing this for much longer time that last SR.
I hope we are clear on this: there should not be this layer at all, it seems like V8 adds it on its own.

I’m not sure I understand correctly. The files you sent have the layer in them, if I open them in v7SR36 and in v8. But you say that v8 adds the layer “ByParent” unexpectedly, when you open a file saved in Rhino 7? So that seems to imply the layer is not in the v7 file, but when I open the files you sent in v7 is see the layer too.

This is a layer created by VisualARQ and Lands. If any of those plugins is loaded, the layer is hidden from the UI. You probably have VisualARQ or Lands in Rhino 7, but not in Rhino 8.


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Well, I have a VisualARQ but I don’t want this layer to be created, whatever the reason you are having.
Please consider it a serious bug and fix it.