Untrimmed Surfaces in Grasshopper

Hello, everybody!

I’ve been doing a facade study with a pseudo-checkerboard pattern, but I’m using untrimmed srufaces, yet, Grasshopper convert those as trimmed surfaces…or am I wrong?
How can I approach to have the hole in the surface not being affected by the pattern?

See pictures and files below!

squarefacade_study.3dm (2.6 MB) squarefacade_study.gh (13.7 KB)

squarefacade_study_2020Nov5a.gh (16.1 KB)

P.S. Or using Dispatch, surface fragments from ‘A’ are inside circle, ‘B’ are outside:

squarefacade_study_2020Nov5b.gh (11.4 KB)

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Extended the white group so that Dispatch ‘B’ (outside circle) are subsequently filtered further to show only those inside the four edge perimeter

squarefacade_study_2020Nov5c.gh (15.8 KB)


Great solution! Thank you very much.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen the logic equals module being use.

Thanks for this solution too.

Have a good one!